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The aim of the Project


The aim of the jorney is to cross the almost 5,200 km that separate Livorno from Persepolis in Vespa carrying a message that can promote a renewed interest in the conservation and protection of archaeological sites, which are our memory and our past. As archaeologists and Italians (country that owns the majority of World Heritage sites) we feel urged to undertake this long journey that crosses the Balkan states, Greece, Turkey and finally Persia for love towards our archaeological heritage that does not belong only to the single states but it represents the living and tangible memory of ourselves.
To do so, we will visit the major archaeological sites along the way, we will use a blog with photos and movies (which will be updated daily) to show and promote our message. In addition, we will involve local newspapers and radio stations along the way through interviews and articles. In the main cities, we will try to involve schools through the small lecture about the importance and protection of our archaeological heritage. Likewise, we are convinced that the protection of our past can only take place with the deep involvement of future generations.

Why Livorno? … Why Persepolis? … Why on Vespa?

Livorno, Dutch “Scalo”

The city of Livorno, like many cities in the Mediterranean, has always been a crossroads of peoples and cultures. For centuries English, Dutch, Turkish and Jewish merchants have entered the port, bringing with them products and knowledge. This city represents for us a place of tolerance and mingling. Livorno, like other cities, can act as a link between East and West. Ideally, our journey traces back those itineraries, conducted by people for millennia by sea and land. The departure from this small, big city, therefore wants to build a bridge between past and present and – why not – also towards a future that will bring with it a renewed tolerance.

Persepolis, capital of the ancient Persian kingdom, has been for centuries the symbol of a far and mysterious East. The archaeological site of Persepolis, as the last destination of our journey, is a symbol to be preserved and defended; it contains all cultural beauties of the Middle East.

The “Vespa” is one of the few means of transport that allows you to travel with “lightness”. It does not allow you to cover long distances like big motorbikes or cars, but it allows you to travel slowly, enjoying, smelling, and watching the colors of the landscapes. Therefore, it will allow us to interact with those people whom we would like to bring a message of protection and interestas i our memory and past.


We will leave from Livorno towards Greece, crossing Macedonia and heading towards Istanbul and towards Cappadocia. It will then be the turn of Eastern Turkey from which we will move to the Iranian border. After crossing the border we will go south towards Pasargadae and finally Persepolis. We will then stop at Shiraz and Teheran along the way back. Once back in Turkey we will pass through Azerbaijan and Georgia to the north from where we will embark for Bulgaria. After the Balkans, we will return to Livorno.

The total duration of the trip: 40 days and we will leave in July 2019.

During the trip, we will stop at the major archaeological sites along the way (see ‘Itinerario“for more detailes of the UNESCO archaeological sites we will visit) as well as we will visit radio, newspapers and local schools where we will give small lectures.

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